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How to Stay Healthy in Las Vegas- How to Stay on Track in Sin City

Stay Healthy in Las Vegas

How to Stay Healthy In Las Vegas

How to do Vegas without blowing your diet and exercise regime


If you have been following me on Instagram you will know I went to Las Vegas last week with my husband. This was our 5th time there. We love Vegas and try to go every couple of years. We like to see shows and do some people watching. There is always something new and fun to do in Vegas so we always have to check out what new attractions are going on when we are there.

If you have been to Vegas you will know it’s not only the world’s capital of entertainment but also the capital of unhealthy living. Alcohol, fried food, endless buffets, people smoking and drinking everywhere. You can literally sit on your butt and gamble all day, sit by the pool and drink all day and eat the unhealthiest food that man can make in portions you didn’t even know existed.

There are ways to go to Las Vegas and not completely over indulge. I like to eat healthy and exercise. When in Vegas, it can be a challenge to do both. Whenever I am on Vacation I always seem to have an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. The angel is telling me that I worked too damn hard in the gym to destroy my efforts with nasty food while the devil is sitting there telling me that I have worked so hard, I am on vacation so I should indulge, go ahead and drink that margarita and eat the pizza and fries.

This trip, the angel won most of the time. Even in Sin City there are ways to avoid going crazy with food and drinks.

Here are my best tips:


The Buffet:


When we are in Vegas we do one buffet every day for our main meal. Pretty much every casino has a buffet with every type of tasty food and desert you can dream up. Because food is so expensive in Las Vegas we do one big meal and the rest of our food for the day is usually snacks. My tip for buffets is to eat in this order: The good, the bad, the ugly,

Your first plate should be only the most nutritious food they offer. Lean protein and veggies. I load up a plate as big as I can with 80% veggies like steamed broccoli, roasted peppers and zucchini, roasted chicken and salad. This helps to fill you up with healthy food.

The next plate should be other food that you want to eat like pot roast, mashed potatoes and of course more veggies. I will also eat fruit and yogurt.

Hopefully at this point you will be so full you won’t want to indulge in too many sweets But if you still want them, eat them on your third plate and just have a couple cookies or a small slice of pizza.




I don’t drink very much, when in Vegas I will have a few drinks but I stay away from the sugary mixed drinks. Instead we hit up the drugstore on the strip and buy a bottle of alcohol and our own mixers. Usually a 2 Litre of Coke zero. Obviously if you are going to a club they won’t let you bring your own drinks in but if you are planning on walking around the strip with a drink in your hand you might as well save a ton of money and mix your own. You can pay $12 for a single mixed drink that has at least 350 calories or you can make your own for a few bucks and it will be less than 100 calories if you use diet soda or sugar free juice mix.




Try to pack snacks if you can. Roasted almonds, granola bars and a few apples will help keep you full between meals so that you don’t go crazy when you are hangry. If possible bring them with you in your suitcase to save money. Most casinos have a ton of fast food options but they usually have little convenience stores that sell sandwiches and salads. They are expensive (because everything in Las Vegas is expensive) but you can buy salads, fruit and other healthy foods. They are harder to find because most people just want the gross junk food but they are there if you look for it.




I like to jog and I like to lift weights. Most hotels have a fitness center but I have never been to one. When I am on vacation I don’t really want to waste time stuck in a gym. I want to get out and explore. When we are on vacation we walk everywhere. Cabs and Uber can be expensive so we like to save money and get some exercising by walking when we can. The length of the Las Vegas strip is just over 4 miles. If you are walking around all day long checking out the different casino’s you will definitely get some miles in. My phone has a step tracker built in and it recorded our walking distance for the first day at 12 miles. The second day we walked over 10 miles. We essentially walked just about a half marathon each day we were there! Obviously my feet and entire lower body were extremely sore even though I wore comfy running shoes so on day three we took the tram between a couple of the casinos. We still walked 4 miles that day. It’s been 4 days since we got home and my feet are still kinda sore. My biggest tip for Vegas newbies is to bring comfy shoes. You are going to want to walk around and check out all the cool casinos. Everything is deceivingly further away than it looks. One block in Vegas is like the distance of 10 blocks in any other city. Want  another way to get some exercise in? Swim! If you plan on spending some time at the pool try to swim laps to get some exercise in.


What are your best tips for maintaining your diet and exercise plan while in Sin City? Share in the comments!