Review of the Dr. Oz Three Day Cleanse


I tried Three Day Detox Cleanse from the Dr. Oz website last fall. I wanted to share my experience of doing my first cleanse with you.

Why Do a Cleanse?

I wanted to do the cleanse to get myself back on track to eating healthy nutritious foods. In the past when I had only about 5 pounds that I needed to lose it was very easy. When I was younger I pretty much only had to think about loosing weight and it would come off like magic. Now that I’m over 30 I definitely notice it’s more of a struggle.

Since it takes a long time to lose a lot of weight it’s difficult to maintain healthy eating habits over longer stretches of time. It’s easy to fall back into the unhealthy patterns that got us out of shape in the first place. My intention with this cleanse was to basically get a fresh start and get motivated again to eat healthy foods. If I happened to lose weight then that was an extra bonus.

I chose this cleanse to try because it seemed relatively easy. It is only for a few days which is great for someone who has never done a cleanse before and you don’t need any expensive pills or teas. You can get everything from the supermarket.

One thing I was concerned about was inadvertently affecting my metabolism by putting my body into starvation mode by not eating enough. If you starve yourself all day and then eat something, every calorie from that food will turn to fat because your body thinks you are starving. that’s why it is better to eat small meals all throughout the day. I figured this cleanse would be good because you are ingesting real food all day long rather than those nasty cleanses where you are chugging salt water and lemon for two weeks.

I thought the day after Thanksgiving would be perfect time since I had just pigged out on a delicious turkey dinner and I had a long weekend off from work.

What do you actually eat?

With this cleanse you drink smoothies everyday for three days. Breakfast is a fruit smoothie with raspberries and banana. Lunch is green smoothie with lots of cucumber and apple and the dinner smoothie has blueberries and pineapple.

The foods included in the smoothies are supposed to be optimal for cleansing major organs like your liver and provide your body with lots of nutrients. The fourth smoothie that you drink is your choice of the three smoothie recipes.

In general,  I liked the smoothies but the dinner smoothie was absolutely vile. I’m sorry, but the recipe called for lemon and cayenne pepper, which in my opinion did not blend well with the blueberries and ruined the taste. I had to force myself to drink it and on the second day I omitted the lemon and pepper and it was MUCH better.

The other part of the cleanse is to take a nice warm epsom salt bath every night. This part is easy and relaxing. You also take a multi vitamin and a probiotic supplement at different times of the day. These are good for anyone to take even if you are not doing a cleanse.

One of my criticisms of this cleanse is that there is no mention of drinking water! Proper hydration is so important especially when doing a cleanse. There really should have been some instruction to drink several liters or water daily while doing the cleanse.

I think this cleanse would have been better do in the summer. The smoothies are cold and at the end of November I am craving warm meals not cool foods. I ended up needing to snack on some apples and a few veggies because I really craved something to chew on. It’ s interesting how our brain and body are almost hardwired to want to chew food.

I ended up stopping the cleanse after day two. My cravings were too strong and I felt too hungry. I knew I would end up bingeing on burritos or other nasty foods that were taunting me from the freezer.

Final thoughts

Overall I think this cleanse was good and I did achieve my goal of getting back on track to eating healthy. It’s a great beginner cleanse for someone who has never done one and wants to try. You don’t have to buy any expensive ingredients, weird pills, nasty tea and you don’t have to run to the bathroom every 2 minutes. I didn’t end up loosing weight but it was only two days. Overall my weight loss has been steady and that is what really matters.

So would I do this cleanse again? Yes- but in the summertime and I would incorporate a few solid foods like baby carrots or veggies to help keep myself full so that I could do the whole three days.