How to Prep 20 Lunches for $20


How to Prep 20 Lunches for Less than $20

I work from home and one of my bad habits is snacking on unhealthy food during the day. Its way too easy when I’m walking past the kitchen to grab a handful of tortilla chips or crackers… over and over again.

Being home all day also makes it feel like a pain in the butt to cook a real lunch. I’m one of those people who gets caught up in what I’m doing and forgets to eat. Suddenly I will realize it’s been hours since I’ve eaten a proper meal and I’m starving. I end up reaching in the fridge for anything I can get my hands on, whether it’s healthy or not.

Prepping my lunch ahead of time is not only convenient but it also allows me to save money and make sure that I am eating a healthy balanced lunch.

With this meal prep method I can prep up to 20 lunches for less than $20 worth of groceries.

I found these meal prep containers for sale on Amazon. There are many different varieties and brands of containers but these are the ones that I chose. They are freezable and microwaveable.

I fill them with meat, brown rice and frozen veggies. I can easily cook a big batch of rice and chicken and measure the portions out. Then, I add frozen veggies into the third section.

A large bag of brown rice is only a couple of dollars and I can get big bag of chicken breasts for about $10 and a bag of frozen veggies costs about $1 per pound.

If you want to purchase organic it will cost you a little bit more but it’s still super cheap to make and prep your own food.

I store the prepped containers in the freezer and everyday around lunch time when I realize I am super hungry I grab one and pop it in the microwave.

Every time I cook a large batch of food to store in my prep containers I change up the type of meat and veggies. The rice can be substituted for sweet potatoes.

It’s so helpful for keeping me on track with my diet. I also notice when I am full, I am much less likely to binge on unhealthy food.

These containers are great if you work outside the house. Just grab one from your freezer on your way out the door in the morning and you have a nice healthy lunch ready for you on your break.

What are some of your tips for meal prep?

Let me know in the comments!