My Favorite Sassy Workout Gear

My Favorite Sassy Workout Gear

Almost all of my clothes are workout clothes or sweatpants of some kind. I pretty much live in yoga pants and prefer to pair them a simple tank top. I hate wearing jeans so much that the last time my daughter saw me wearing a pair she said, “Mom, why are you wearing those pants?” and I said, “Because, I need to look a little nicer today” HA!

Sometimes it’s fun to show your sense of humor through your clothing. Here are some great finds that will help you keep a smile on your face while you exercise.

ON SALE Everything Hurts And I’m Dying…. 

Every day after leg day…

Water bottle – Drink your effing water – 

Need more tips to help you get your recommended daily water intake? Check out 5 ways to drink more water. 

 Frowned Upon

Unless you take up boxing or MMA.


Cute Pin I Work Out Fitness Cat Cute

I would totally work out with this cute kitty.




. Running Tank Top. Gift for Runner or Taco Fans.

Taco Tuesday everyday?


Talk to the Hamsa, Fitness Water Bottle,

Cuz the face don’t give a damn.

Oh My Quad Becky Look At Her Squat 

My anaconda don’t wan’t none unless you got buns hun.

RUNNING Stickers / planner stickers, exercise stickers,

And fries, and donuts and ice cream…

Reydrate with a rum and coke?

R.I.P. To All The Boobs Lost In Fitness You Will Be Missed !

This hits a little too close to home.