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An Honest Review of Diet Bet

An Honest Review of Diet Bet

I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My weight may fluctuate and I have my nights of bingeing on pizza and ice cream just like everyone else but in general I exercise on a regular basis and eat nutritious food.

I am a big fan of Jamie Eason. She is a female fitness expert and I follow her on Facebook and take part in the Lean Body Challenge every year, which she is involved in. It was through her Facebook page that I heard about Diet Bet. Diet Bet is a company that essentially lets you bet money on losing weight.

an honest review of diet bet

How Does it Work?

There are many “diet bets” or challenges going on at once. You choose a challenge and pay to join. The amount you pay to join is usually between $25-35 but there are some high stakes games where you bet $100. All the money from the participants gets put into a pot. You photograph yourself on the scale and in order to win the bet you need to lose at least 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. 1% a week. Seems doable. At the end of the 4 weeks you weigh yourself again and anyone who lost the weight gets to split the pot. As long as you win you are guaranteed to at least get your money back so you definitely won’t lose your cash. What you are essentially counting on is that other people in the group won’t be able to lose the weight.

Diet bet allows you to enter up to 3 games at a time. I entered two for $30 each. I would have to lose 4% of my total body weight in 30 days which for me was 5.3 pounds. One thing you may not know about me is that I hate to waste my money. I knew that if I entered this challenge I would win it because there is no way I am losing $60 of my hard-earned cash.

The thing that Diet Bet doesn’t take into account is that weight is not the only indicator of health. If you are working out there is a good chance you may gain a little bit of weight at first because you are building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. You can also gain a few pounds just from bloating and holding on to extra water weight. So although you are working out and eating healthy the number on the scale might not go down and you could end up losing the game even though you are doing everything right!

an honest review of diet bet

Did I Win My Diet Bet?

Despite these factors I still managed to lose the 5.3 pounds and win my bet. I got to split the pot along with all the other winners. My take home for each game was about 50% of my bet so I got about $15 per game. Considering the stress I put myself under in the last few days of the game I’m not sure it was worth it. I was chugging water non-stop the day before just to make sure I wouldn’t get dehydrated and hold onto excess water weight.  If you think about it though, 50% return on your money is still pretty good. I paid the $30 per bet at the beginning of the games and at the end of the game I got over $90 deposited into my PayPal account.

Can’t You Just Cheat?

Diet bet has some things in place to make it difficult to cheat. They have rules that say you are not allowed to cut water weight like body builders do or use diuretics but realistically how can they be sure that people aren’t cheating? If someone really wants to cheat they will always find a way.

I wouldn’t use diet bet as a way to earn money on a regular basis but it is a good way to help keep yourself on track with diet and exercise. We are going to Vegas next week and I will probably sign up for another Diet Bet when we get back to help give myself the kick in the butt that I need to hit the gym every day. The money that I earned has actually paid for over a month and half of my gym membership dues, so as far as I am concerned I got paid to exercise!

Have you tried Diet Bet? Tell me about your experience in the comments.