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Creating a Meditation Zone in Your Home

I have been practicing yoga for several years now and I’ve also started learning how to meditate. I’m interested in anything that can help me relax, de-stress and improve my mood.

Today I am going to show you how to create a meditation space in your home. All you need is a small area of a room (preferably one that has a door to prevent kids and family members from entering and interrupting your good vibes).

When you need a few minutes to catch your breath, head over to your zen space, light a candle and start chillaxing.

A meditation area should appeal to all of your senses. Start by placing small pillows or blankets on the floor and a little table or altar to place objects you love, then try incorporating the following ideas to appeal to all of your senses.


When creating a meditation zone or an area in your home that is “just for you” it’s important to surround yourself with beautiful things that you love. Place objects in your space that “spark joy”. Place meaningful quotes on the walls or pictures of things your love. Create your area in front of a window so you can enjoy nature as you relax. I added sheer curtains to my windows to soften the light in my room. For custom curtains check out They have just about every style and pattern possible. They also sell rods and accessories.

Twinkle lights and candles add a soft glow to any room. I added crystals from my collection in my space. I love to gaze upon them and watch them twinkle in the candlelight.



Have you ever tried to relax or take a quick nap and realized something in the room smelled funky? Once you notice a bad smell it’s impossible to not notice it. It can distract you and ruin the  whole ambiance of a room. At my house unpleasant odors usually come from my dogs, dirty laundry piled up or cooking smells from the kitchen. An easy way to bring the whole vibe of a room together is to tie it in with fragrance. I love using scented candles to freshen up my home before guests arrive or even as a treat for myself.


Get cozy. Layer blankets and tapestries. Stock up pillows, poufs or ottomans. Grab a faux fur blanket. Whatever feels good to you that you would want to sit or lay down upon. Don’t forget about your clothing. Obviously yoga pants or comfy clothing that isn’t too restrictive Is perfect for yoga and meditation. Change out of fabrics that might be too tight or scratchy.


If you are “in the zone”, you probably won’t be eating or drinking but you can have a cup of your favorite coffee or tea to sip on. A big glass of lemon or fruit infused water is also great to drink  before or after you meditate.


I have a few different albums downloaded on my phone that help me relax. Some are “new age” type music with pan flutes and bells and some are simply classical music. I also have a few guided meditation cd’s that help me relax before bed and fall asleep.

There is also something to be said for the sound of silence. Sometimes it’s nice to sit quietly with no background music and just notice the noises of nature outside your window.

How do you practice self care? How would you decorate your meditation space? Let me know in the comments